A Complete Guide to Filing Your Income Tax Returns

If you’re getting a regular paycheck throughout the year, at the end of every month you’re certainly paying taxes. For many workers, the taxes they owe are directly withheld from their paychecks. At the end of each financial year, the government of Ghana requires every company and worker to file their tax returns. Through the filing of your tax returns, the government is able to return any money the taxpayer may have overpaid, or in cases where they didn’t pay enough, the government charges the taxpayer.

As the financial year draws to a close (clock 31st April in your calendars), consider this your last minute reminder to consult your books and get started on the process. To help you get along with it, we’ve included a free printable guide explaining points and guides to walk you through the process.

The process of filing taxes may be tedious, but it’s necessary because the government must know how much income individuals and companies earned during the financial year, what deductions and credits they’re claiming, their total tax bill, and how much they underpaid or overpaid for the year.
The money we give through taxes goes to improving all of our lives through maintaining and building infrastructure, education, transportation, and all government funded work, Additionally, the eventual result if we all file and pay our taxes will mean a widening of the tax bracket which reduces the tax burden on the significantly lower corporates and individuals employed in the formal sector.

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