Overcoming the Fear Factor in Business

Whether it has been 4 months since you launched or you have been going 4 years strong, there are some things that rarely ever change about your process of business. Sure, you’ve gotten more efficient with your craft, streamlined your processes and you’re basically moving like a well-oiled machine. But there’s one thing that stubbornly stays the same. 

Ask around, and you’ll find that with almost every entrepreneur, at the very supposition of trying something new—whether it’s an important new client, a new deal to be brokered or a big project you’ve won— fear always rears its head.

The thing about fear is that it is a constant presence. It’s imposing and sometimes it assumes such a huge shape that it talks many of us into not taking chances that we can be brave enough to take. It will pop up the night before your biggest presentation yet. It’ll knock on your door when you’re feeling like you’re finally financially stable enough to scale up your business. It’ll ring the alarm when you’re contemplating taking the order on cooking for a 1000 people and it might even scream murder right before you sign the lease on a larger space for your growing shop. Fear, by its nature, will always try to make room for itself in your mind. It is only cautionary, however, and it shouldn’t petrify you into staying in the same place and not making any moves.

Natural as fear may be, it must be dealt with. Because if you give it a chance, it will take over and run your journey for you. It will convince you that every interesting new venture is going to end badly, because fear itself is afraid of the unknown, and so it strives to convince you that every venture whose outcome is unknown is one that you have no business with. Basically, fear will do its job. Now you must also do yours. You must keep your mind trained on what you are trying to achieve and focus on that. For moments like these, keep things that inspire and stimulate you close to you, so that you can use them to remind yourself what you are doing all this hard work for.

The chance is yours to take. Everyone that has reached a significant milestone in building their business didn’t make it by giving a listening ear to fear every time it came knocking. Do not wait for a time when you are not afraid to take on a big task, or to make a big move. Because you will always be afraid, but the true test of building your experience in your industry is to feel the fear but make the move anyway.

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