The Sangu Delle Story (Part 1)

This week, our guest on the podcast is Sangu Delle. The story of his rather remarkable life begins from his childhood as a voracious bookworm and his lofty aspirations buoyed by his parents unwavering support.

His is a quirky, heartwarming and very relatable story of dreaming big dreams even when you’re obscure, working tirelessly toward achieving goals all and a lesson in how big the payoff usually is. Having made the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2014 and delivered talks at TED, Sangu is the picture of hard work and its rewards.

Enjoy the conversation and be sure to share some inspiration by sharing the episode!


  • Medaase pii. I am following with keen interest. May your efforts bear good fruits.

  • Rach

    I totally enjoyed this podcast.. very inspiring and interesting. Age is definitely not a limit .. I can’t wait for part 2. Thanks IDS Consult for this podcast..

  • Jeffery


  • Fatimah

    This guy is really something else
    I enjoyed every bit of the show

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