The Sangu Delle Story (Part 2)

In the second part of the Sangu Delle Story, he delves a bit more into the various factors that enabled his success. Starting as a pre-med student at Harvard who discovered his passion for finance and investment as a freshman, Sangu does not shy away from talking about his initial failures and rejections in the world of finance. But the Jay-Z inspired Harvard alum was not to be discouraged.

Egged on by his college roommate, Sangu started Golden Palm as a side venture while still a student and finally got his first major break when Peter Shapiro helped him secure the internship that would change his life. Sangu goes into further detail about his earlier successful ventures after setting up shop in Ghana; from his agricultural projects in the Afram Plains, and how his love of kebab led him into cattle importation and distribution.

His portfolio companies are responsible for raising over half a billion dollars in capital and providing full time jobs to hundreds of people locally and internationally. As a philanthropist, Sangu talks about his various endeavours that include but are not limited to his sanitation ventures in Ghana, Harvard scholarships for girls and women in STEM, and research funds for grad students doing research in Africa.

Finally, he talks about his struggles with mental health, dealing with anxiety and depression and the surrounding African stereotypes, and how toxic hypermasculinity is an antithesis to what he believes is real masculinity.

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